This was an incredibly difficult decision for our rescue, but one made out of love for our kittens. We fully believe seniors deserve the love of a companion animal, but we personally recommend a senior cat. Kittens can potentially live 20+ years.

As a small rescue, we do not have the ability to take cats back as easily as shelters do. So this decision was also made with that in mind. While we appreciate that applicants’ children say they will take their parent’s animals in if anything were to happen, 10 years from now, a lot of things can change and that statement is often no longer true. We have adopted out kittens to 70+ before and they’ve been returned due to the owner’s health issues, kitten nails scratching thinner skin, being too “wild”, etc.

Please know this was not an easy decision to make and if you truly believe you are ready for kittens as a senior, please visit one of the many local shelters that would have more availability to take them back if needed. Thank you!