Thank you for your interest in our new grant programs! Please be patient with us as we introduce these new grant programs to Washington State. Our goal with these grants is to help community cats receive the care they need. Our donors have made this possible and we couldn’t be more excited to expand this nationally in the future.

Emergency Feral Cat Grant

SpayDay Grant

Equipment Grant

We are focused on outdoor community cats in an effort to humanely reduce the cat population.

The ways we plan on doing this by providing funds for community cats for: 

  • Spay and Neuter, Vaccines, Dewormer and Flea Treatment. (Spay Day)
  • Emergency surgeries  (Emergency Feral Cat Grant)
  • Facilities that need equipment to help keep their facility running and providing care for cats in need.  (Equipment Grant)

If you would like to help support our grant programs, please consider making a donation (link) to Ashley’s Kitten Academy

If you have any questions please visit each grant page, or email