We want to keep pets and their owners together, if they are in a safe loving home.

Sometimes accidents happen and mom cat gets pregnant! We have a few options:

  • If you need someone to take your female cat and raise her kittens with her so they all receive the medical care they need to grow up healthy, we are here to help. Mom, along with all kittens, will receive vaccines, de-wormer, flea treatment (if needed), any medical care extras that arise, and be spayed or neutered before returning mom to your home. All kittens will be adopted out through Ashley’s Kitten Academy. We want to make sure your cat gets to be a kitten again herself, while ensuring a healthy start in life for her babies.
  • If you are wanting to surrender a litter, but keep mom, we will also cover the cost of her spay or work together to arrange her transport to a facility to be spayed.
  • Dad isn’t left out either. AKA will coordinate with you to either pay for the neuter, or take dad in to be neutered.

*This is at no cost to you. And dependent on space and availability.

How Can You Help?